​​​You will see an amazing difference!

Our goal:

To create a rock free surface by removing the existing rocks and debris and turning your material into a smooth rock free surface, safe for both horse and rider.

Our Specialties include:

Personal arenas, equestiran centers, event centers, race tracks and crop fields, even arenas for dog events.

Bottom line:

This proven product of more than fifteen years has been providing improved arena footing while reducing risk of injury to horse and rider that will last for years to come. 

What we do and how it works:

First we rip the area to loosen the dirt to bring up the rock and debris.  Second, with a single pass operation of our machine we screen the material to a minus 3/8's of an inch (aproximately the size of a kidney bean) loading the rock and debris into a hopper.  We are able to get a depth of at least 6 inches to lengthen longevity of a rock free surface.  Finally, the area is groomed with a harrow leaving a fine sandy material ready to ride on. 

Why Choose Arena Rock Doc?​​

  1. Low Cost Alternative
    Screening the existing material saves thousands of dollars as opposed to bringing in expensive fill dirt that is sometimes tainted with debri, concrete and asphalt chunks
  2. Specialized Custom Screening Machine
    My machine is one of three in the country. Don't be fooled by beach combing machines that can only screen the top 2-3 inches, leaving no rock free barrier between the screened material and the existing rocks below.
  3. Specialized Truck And Hydraulic Dove Tail Trailer.
    In most circumstances I can get to your property, no matter how remote with my hauler truck with attached sleeper cab.
  4. We leave the screened material at the site
    Many customers are happy to have a nice pile of rock, ready to be used on driveways, around trees or to make a gravel walk way.

​~Choose Arena Rock Doc~

With our custom rock screening machine that has over 15 years of proven success and hundreds of happy customers, we are sure you will be happy too.  Our process is a proven, tried and true solution to spending many thousands of dollars on material.